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Young Engineers Cincinnati – FAQ

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Q: Aren't the lessons too long? Don’t the children lose interest?

Answer: They really don’t. At the start of each lesson they are taught a subject, following which they are eager to get started with the construction in order that they can play with the final product. When the lesson is over, most don’t even realize how much time has passed..

Q. Do the kids get to take the models they build home?

Answer: Unfortunately the kids are not allowed to take the models home. This helps us keep the cost down. However we do provide reports in the form of newsletters, pictures and workbooks. This will help the parents keep updated on the progress the kids are making. As a bonus the kids take home the pure joy of understanding STEM concepts in a fun way 🙂

Q. What is the investment?

A. We offer month-month enrollment which will consist of 4 lessons (upto 6 hours) of instructions. The cost varies from location to location. Please call us or send us an email for more information on the cost.

Q. What happens if the check I provided bounces?

A. We request you bring the fresh check for the full check amount plus the $20 check bounce fee.

Q. What is your late payment policy?

A. We expect the payment on the first day of the new session. We may not allow the kid to attend the class if the payment is delayed beyond 2 classes in the new session

Q. How many students in each class?

A. Our enrichment programs are at full capacity once 16 students are enrolled for the LEGO Challenge program. The smaller class sizes allow our instructors to give each student the individual attention and recognition they deserve to achieve their personal best.

Q. How long do classes run for?

A. The group LEGO Challenge classes run for 75 – 90 minutes..

Q. Can my child join any time of the year?

A. Yes

Q. What age can my child start attending e² Young Engineers classes?

A. Our LEGO Challenge program is suitable for 1st – 4th graders (ages 6-10). If you are unsure or concerned, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss the suitability for your child.

Q. Are parents allowed to watch the class?

A. Parents are welcome to sit in on the first class. Once the children are comfortable, we ask that parents drop them off, and then pick them up at the end of class. This helps the children become independent and confident. If you ever have any concerns or queries about your child’s progress or behavior, please feel free to call the office or speak to the teacher after class..

Q. My child is a little unsure if they want to attend. Can we try out some classes?

A. Yes, this is possible with some of the centers we work with. If positions are available, we can offer a trial class for your child. If your child is happy to continue after trying a class, you can then proceed with enrollment.

Q. What do I do if my child will be absent?

A. It is important that e2 Young Engineers teachers are notified regarding any planned absences to allay any fears that a child has not arrived as scheduled. This also allows for suitable session planning for participating students. Please call e² Young Engineers at 513.446.2014 or email necincy@e2youngengineers.com with details of your name, your child’s name and the session they will miss..

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