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1. Charges are $199 for 3 months or $75 per month. Checks payable to “Blank Slate LLC”
2. Class duration :  Approx 70-75 mins.
3. Workbooks at the end of each class
4. Parent communication after each class : This is to keep the parents in the know of what happened in the class on any given day
5. Motorized Models from Aviation and Automotive, Theme park and Classic Mechanics themes
6. 4 models covered per month : 1 model per class. No models will be repeated
7. Physics principles covered : Centrifugal and Centripetal Forces, Double power increasing Transmission,Mass and Gravity, Lift Force,Ratchet Locks, Friction and Contact Area and Chain Transmission and many many more
7. Teachers : Licensed STEM teachers
8 PowerPoint based presentations for each class


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