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We are currently offering the following Theme based Lego Robotics Program

In all the programs the kids will actually build the battery operated models and learn about the STEM concepts behind them.

1. Amusement Park : In this program we teach kids the scientific principles that play a role in the Amusement Park rides such as Ferris Wheels. The kids will develop a STEM based outlook towards the Amusement Park Rides making your next visit to the Park even more Amusing 🙂

2. Classic Mechanics : Have you ever wondered how a washing machine works OR how an elevator is able to carry so much weigh effortlessly? Come learn with us the STEM principles in these day to day machines that make our lives so easy. Next time you operate a washing machine or see it in operation, you know which forces are at play 🙂

3. Aviation and Automotive : Ever watched a rocket launch in the space and wondered how it fights the gravity OR a Tow truck in operation? In this program we teach kids the scientific principles that make the rockets and race cars work using simple to build Lego based models.
How about visiting Indianapolis Grand Prix after this course or see an actual Rocket launch from Cape Canaveral? 🙂

Fee Month to Month – By Cheque – Payable to “Blank Slate LLC” for $85

1 month covers 4 classes – about 1hr 30min each for about 6 hours monthly

Limited Time Offer : Enroll for 3 months and avail 15% discount. Your price will be $85 $75 per month (4 class in a month)

Use Promo Code : 3M15 in the form below

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